Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman: a tale of two Astros

This is a comment I made on the Crawfish Boxes:
Not a Carlos Lee fan, but his performance throughout his Astros career has been entirely in line with what a person would have predicted when he was signed. He has hit steadily for three seasons, played a poor left field and now has reached the falloff stage. It’s going to be expensive, but the Astros offered the contract. I don’t like the player and didn’t like the signing, but there’s really not much to be done about it.
As far as I can tell, Berkman was saying he might be able to help the team more as a trade offering than by actually playing for the team, and under those circumstances he would consider making himself available for trade. He’s right about that, and I absolutely defend him for saying it.
Outside observers like to criticize players for two things: wanting to play for a winner instead of the town team, and wanting to play in a particular place even if they don’t win. You’ll recall Fred McGriff got hammered in the media a few years ago when he declined to be rented out to the Cubs for a few months to stay in Tampa Bay.
I’d hate to lose Berkman, but he’s been a great Astro, productive and interesting and seemingly a good guy. If he took one last one for the team to speed up the rebuilding process, I’d admire him for it.

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