Brad Mills may know how to manage

Look, the Astros are going to be awful this year, but I am still liking some of what I’m seeing. This is a good example. Mills is making a smart decision here by giving Manzella a day off. Here’s why:

–People learn in different ways, and Manzella gets to learn by watching. Even watching someone mess it up can be helpful.
–It gives Matsui a chance to play. Players can’t stay sharp if they play all the time, but they can’t stay sharp if they never play, either.

The interesting decision of the year is going to be what happens with Carlos Lee. There is no ray of hope there even though he has dinked out a few hits lately, including a triple. The question to me is not whether he’s on the Jim Rice/George Bell path, but how far down it he is. And yet the Astros are obligated to send him more than $50 million over the next three years. That’s going to leave a mark.

Mills has Manzella observe, then serve

from Houston Astros News

Houston Astros Manager Brad Mills believes you can learn a lot by watching. He hopes shortstop Tommy Manzella did just that before entering the game in the eighth inning on Saturday.


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