Does this look like a 6-10 team to you?

The Astros have gotten their faces off the mat and managed to win six out of eight games, but this has been a shockingly unimpressive 6-2 streak. In the eight games, they’ve scored 31 runs and allowed 30, meaning they’ve played 4-4 baseball. Overall their runs scored/runs allowed translates to 5-11 and feels more to me like 4-12.

Here’s a look at some overall numbers:

–Runs per game: last in the league with 2.81.

–Hits: next to last with 119.

–Home runs: dead last with 5. The next team up has 12.

— Stolen bases minus (2 times caught stealing): next to last with a score of -2. The Astros have stolen 6 bases and been caught 5 times. Only the Rockies are worse.

–Weirdly, the Astros have the fewest strikeouts in the league.

–On-base percentage? Last. Slugging percentage? Last.

So, they don’t hit, they don’t walk, they don’t hit for power, they don’t run the bases. It’s remarkable that they have 45 runs.


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