Kaz Matsui at second base

Richard Justice makes it pretty clear that Kaz Matsui is going to be the starter at second base. I never thought otherwise, since Matsui is the only true second baseman in the bunch of four who might have gotten the position and all the other guys — Jeff Keppinger, Geoff Blum and Edwin Maysonet — have deeper flaws.

Matsui is a below-average fielder, by the Fielding Bible’s numbers, but not the absolute worst in baseball. The Fielding Bible says he cost the team 5 runs as a defender last year. He’s a below-average hitter, too, but not an absolutely horrendous one. Baseball Reference’s numbers have him as an average defender at second base, worth 1 run per 1,200 innings.

So, not great, but the competition is worse. Both Keppinger and Blum are well below average defensively at third base and likely to be even worse at second. And Edwin Maysonet cannot hit at the major-league level.

That leaves Matsui.


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