For the Hall of Fame: Bill James, Marvin Miller

Rob Neyer’s written more about this than I’m going to. He has more time. But yes, both of these men deserve a place in the Hall of Fame.

The argument is a simple one: They both changed the game profoundly. I have loved baseball statistics since I was this high, but Bill James changed the way I look at everything. If anything, people are complaining that the game has become too statistics-oriented, which means everyone has noticed how the game has changed. And Bill James led that revolution.

So did Marvin Miller. I don’t particularly like it that the players make ungodly sums now, but I’d rather see money go to the players who provide the entertainment than the owners. Besides, Miller was right to challenge the reserve clause. He changed the game, too.

Marvin Miller has surprising Hall of Fame booster

from – SweetSpot – Blog by Rob Neyer

The push to get Marvin Miller into the Hall of Fame continues apace. Now, as Peter Gammons writes, Miller’s old nemesis Ray Grebey has thrown his support behind Miller in a letter to the Hall’s board of directors. Miller has Gammons’ support, too … and so does Bill James:


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