Will Brett Myers win 15 games or pitch 200 innings? Not likely.

Brian McTaggart had this to say in his most recent mailbag:

If [Brett] Myers is healthy and focused, he could pitch 200 innings and win 15 games. The rotation got better, but it still has a few question marks. All this talk has given me a case of spring fever, and with Spring Training only five weeks away, I can hear the popping of mitts in my head.

The closer we get to Spring Training, the more optimism I have for this season. Perhaps that’s a natural reaction to a mild case of spring fever, but if Roy Oswalt, Wandy Rodriguez and Myers deliver and Bud Norris continues to progress, this could be a pretty good rotation.

Brett Myers may well work out, but he has never won 15 games and he has pitched 200 innings once, although he has gotten to 190 three times. His career has been more down than up lately. He came back in September after missing June, July and August and wasn’t that good in the 8 innings he pitched. That’s why he was available.

Twenty good starts would make Myers a nice pickup. Penciling him in for 15 wins or 200 innings is fantasy.


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