Well, I have cherry-picked a stat or two in my life, but this is some pretty impressive cherry-picking

Michaels re-signs with Astros

from Houston Astros News by Brian McTaggart
Jason Michaels, who hit .309 with a .400 on-base percentage for the Astros in his final 51 games of last season, was re-signed Monday to a one-year, $800,000 contract.


Michaels’ overall OBP was .322. His overall batting average was .237. He struck out 28 percent of the time, which isn’t a problem if you do some great stuff with the other 72 percent of your at-bats. If he was ever fast, he isn’t anymore. He will be 34 years old in May.

Ed Wade or Drayton McLane or someone is taking the oldest team in the league and making it older. Pedro Feliz will be 35. Jason Michaels will be 34.

My theory is that McLane told Ed Wade to go ahead and rebuild the farm system and that only one thing was unacceptable in the meantime: finishing last. Jason Michaels and Pedro Feliz are not people you sign if you’re planning to win. They are people you sign if you are desperately afraid of being the only team in the majors to finish sixth.

One way to think about stats is to ask whether the stat answers a useful question: What was Jason Michaels’ batting average or on-base percentage? That’s a useful question. But no one would ask this question: What was Jason Michaels’ on-base percentage in the last 51 games of the season? The only way you get that answer is by rigging the question to make Jason Michaels look as good as possible. That’s what makes it cherry-picking.


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