Not coming to Houston

via Sabernomics by JC on 12/3/09

Several sources are indicating that Placido Polanco has agreed to a 3-year $18 million deal to return to the Philadelphia Phillies as their third baseman. Polanco had a rough 2009 with Detroit; but, it appears to be mostly a batting average issue, so I think he’ll bounce back. His defense was also off a bit in 2009 (Plus/Minus: +2) after being stellar for most of his career. The move to third may hurt him some, because even though it’s a less-difficult position, transitions always require adjustment. And on top of this, he’ll be 34 — 36 over the guaranteed portion of the contract.

Even after factoring in these things, I estimate Polanco being worth around $25 million over the term of the deal. And I really have to go out of my way to punish him when determining what type of player he will be, accounting for a position switch and his extreme performance fluctuation over the past few years. Overall, I think it’s a good move for the Phillies.


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