A candidate for third base

I saw this note and thought this is the kind of player that fits in the Astros’ budget. Apparently he can field some and his bat is not that much weaker than, say, Geoff Blum’s. Maybe you get him if you offer a bunch of incentives based on playing time. For a money-strapped team, it beats paying Placido Polanco $6 million a year.

On the other hand, maybe you would rather see Chris Johnson playing third. I would be OK with that. Play some kids, let them take their lumps and find out who’s worth keeping.

via FanGraphs Baseball by Jack Moore on 12/3/09

It should be no surprise that a light hitting, great fielding third baseman with back problems is having trouble getting play in this market. Joe Crede hardly warrants a second look, after all, compared to Chone Figgins, Adrian Beltre, Mark DeRosa, Troy Glaus, and Pedro Feliz. Figgins, Feliz, and Beltre are all great defensive players. Figgins and Beltre are better hitters than Crede, and Feliz isn’t as injury prone. DeRosa and Glaus can outslug Crede.

This means that Crede could once again be a great target for some team to swoop in and steal for cheap.


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