Astros 30-game review

The Astros have played 31 games, 32 if you count the unfinished game against the Nationals. Let’s have a quick review:

— The bats have come around a little bit. Miguel Tejada hit a couple of home runs, Ivan Rodriguez has his slugging percentage up near .500. Lance Berkman hasn’t started hitting yet, and obviously he has this wrist problem now. The guy with the wrist injury leads the team in home runs with seven.

— Carlos Lee has been raking. His contract is still heavy, but he’s playing the way he plays with an OPS of .950. Hunter Pence has had a good year.

— Michael Bourn has played well enough and gotten on base enough to take the leadoff spot, and Cecil Cooper won’t give it to him. Instead the primary leadoff man has been Kaz Matsui, who has been the worst hitter on the team. One reason the Astros are still near the league bottom in runs scored.

— Defensively the Astros are about average. The pitching has been near the league average in walks allowed, home runs allowed and strikeouts. It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true.

— No days off for Miguel Tejada yet.


2 responses to “Astros 30-game review

  1. I’ve been really pleased with Michael Bourn… so far. I don’t want to jinx him!

    You’re right about Kaz. He got off to a good start, but now he’s stalled. Is the wisdom about him being unable to lead off true? Should Coop move him to the 2 spot? If so, is Bourn able to lead off?

    Tough call.

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