Astros stage ugliest defensive inning of 2009

Maybe it wasn’t the worst defensive inning of the year, but only because the year isn’t over yet. The Astros entered the bottom of the sixth inning with a 5-2 lead and their best pitcher, Roy Oswalt, still in the game.

Twelve batters later, they were down 8-5, Oswalt was out with a bruised thumb, and … let’s just go to the play-by-play.

Cristian Guzman goes to 3-1 and then singles to center. Nick Johnson draws a walk on nine pitches, a very nice at-bat for him. Ryan Zimmerman takes a strike, then singles to center to drive home a run. After a groundout, it starts getting ugly — three walks on 13 pitches, two byOswalt and one by Chris Sampson. There was an error by Miguel Tejada. Tim Byrdak hit a batter. By the time it was done, there were six runs for the Nationals on two hits, both singles, with five walks, a hit-by-pitch, and an error.

My nominee for ugliest defensive inning of the year.


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