Astros road trip: So far, so good

The Astros have won two out of three in Cincinnati and two out of three in Atlanta. They have two in Washington before coming home to play the Cubs again — the schedule since interleague play began is still weird to me.

But a lot of impressive performances, especially from the runs-allowed standpoint — 20 in six games. They have scored only 26, so it’s not like you’d say they’re hitting well. But they’re giving themselves a chance.

Some notes at the 26-game mark:

— Michael Bourn is having a fine season, with an obp of .376.

— Jason Smith doesn’t have a hit yet — 0-for-21.

— Lance Berkman is one of the few players who can be reasonably productive while batting .170.

— Miguel Tejada doesn’t have a home run yet.

— The third-base platoon combination of Geoff Blum and Jeff Keppinger has been effective.

— Wandy Rodriguez hasn’t allowed a home run in 37 innings. If Rodriguez pitched to Tejada, no one would want to sit in the outfield bleachers.

— Jose Valverde’s performance and injury have been very damaging. Two saves in four chances. Both the blown saves wound up as losses, so without them the Astros are 13-12. If he comes back from the injury and pitches well, the Astros might be able to trade him for some prospects. Still a mystery: why this man is making $8 million a year.


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