Free Michael Bourn

I have no idea what the Astros management is thinking about Michael Bourn. Before the season started, Cecil Cooper said he was going to hit Bourn low in the order to take the pressure off after Bourn’s difficult 2008.

Then Cooper put Bourn into the leadoff slot in Game 7, with the Astros 1-5. In the next five games, Bourn’s on-base percentage went from .348 to … .348. His OBP during those five games was .348. The Astros scored 20 runs, which isn’t a lot but they’ve scored 43 runs in the other 13 games. So, 4.0 runs/game with Bourn at leadoff, 3.31 in other games. In those games, Bourn drew six walks and scored six runs. Oh, and the Astros won three of the five games, outscoring the opponents 20-10. One of the losses was the 2-1 job to the Reds that Jose Valverde blew with a walk and a homer. So, winning percentage with Bourn batting leadoff = .600 vs. .231 in other games. All I can figure is that he didn’t get many hits in those games.

In Game 12, Bourn was back hitting eighth. He didn’t start the first two games against the Dodgers, then he batted second in the first two games against the Brewers. His OBP is a more-than-acceptable .371 now. Let’s take this model for an extended test drive in the leadoff position, OK?


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