Astros last in runs in the National League

Through 17 games, the Astros have mustered 55 runs. Their average of 3.24 per game is also last.

Total bases times OBP = 68 runs, and the Astros have given away a couple with their dreadful base-stealing: 10 successes in 17 attempts. They’ve grounded into 16 double plays, tied with St. Louis behind the Dodgers’ 17. (I’m going to guess that since both those teams have had far more baserunners that the Astros lead the league in GDP/opportunity.) I think their total of 55 is still below what you’d project, but it’s not that far below.

Defensively, they’ve been OK. Nothing wrong with allowing 74 runs in 17 games. Wandy Rodriguez has been amazingly good. I’m going to try to look a little more closely at what he’s been doing, but allowing no home runs and only 10 walks in 25 innings is a pretty good foundation for any pitcher.


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