From bad to worst

Statistics do crazy things in early games, but suffering two straight shutouts has sent the Astros’ offensive stats into a sinking spell. They’re 15th in the league in OBP and 14th in SLG. And dead last in runs scored, with 16.

They’ve hit 7 homers, but 5 of them came in a single game. All but one were solo shots. And most of them came with the game well out of hand. Here’s the list:

— April 7: Hunter Pence homers to tie the Cubs 1-1. Easily the most meaningful home run of the year.

— April 8: This was the 5-homer day. The first, by Jeff Keppinger, came with the Astros down 8-0.  Lance Berkman homered with the Astros down 7. Ivan Rodriguez homered with a man on to cut the deficit to 8-4. Matsui homered with the Astros down 6, and Pence hit one with the Astros down 5.

— April 1o: Carlos Lee’s solo shot in the 8th cut a 5-2 deficit down to 5-3.

They’ve stolen 1 base and been caught stealing 3 times. Not too good.


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