A lot of catching up to do

On my part, that is. I haven’t written anything here in a week, and the Astros have been playing well. Maybe I should keep up the non-work.

Anyway, they’ve won 9 games out of 13, and 3 out of 7 since the 6-game winning streak. In that 13-game stretch, they have:

  • Cut their divisional deficit from 6 games to 4 games.
  • Hit well but not insanely well, scoring 77 runs with a .280/.330/.464.
  • Scored consistently, collecting at least 5 runs in 9 of those games and winning 8 of the 9.
  • Allowed 54 runs, just a little more than 4 per game. They’ve also held their opponents to 4 runs or less in 9 of those games and won 8 of those 9 games.
  • Endured some pretty bad starting pitching. The Astros haven’t had a game score higher than 58 since Roy Oswalt beat the Phillies on  April 16.
  • Continued to struggle with the leadoff position, where they have an OBP of .270. Michael Bourn homered and had a bunt single last night but also struck out looking twice, but obviously he hasn’t been what they’re hoping for so far.

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