Astros analysis: Astros 3, Cardinals 2

I’m sitting here watching the bottom of the 9th and thinking I know what will happen: Albert Pujols will win the game.

But … I’m wrong. Albert gets an intentional walk, thanks to Jose Valverde’s crucial strikeout of Rick Ankiel. My position is that intentional walks should be banned, but probably they’re not going to be banned right in the middle of a game. Albert walks.

And I didn’t expect there to be a bottom of the 9th inning anyway. This game reminds me of the game earlier this year in which the Cardinals scored their only 3 in the 9th to tie the Astros, who won in the bottom half.

And the Astros pull a victory from the jaws of defeat. Six wins in a row. Shawn Chacon survived 7 innings with 5H 6 BB 3 SO after a dreadful start in which he allowed 8 baserunners in the first 2 innings. But … gave them a chance to win.

And Darin Erstad chipped in again. I may have to cancel Erstad Watch. Maybe after he draws his first walk.


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