Astros analysis: 4 wins in a row

This report on credits the lineup shuffle for the big boost in offense. Honestly, that’s silly. Changing the 3-4-5 from Berkman-Lee-Tejada to Tejada-Berkman-Lee does not improve a team’s run-scoring average by 5 runs per game. Changing the 3-4-5 to Gehrig-Ruth-Bonds wouldn’t add 5 runs per game.

The more likely explanation: Everyone started to hit at once. Hunter Pence has been hitting, Kaz Matsui, even — and I hate to say it — Darin Erstad.

The key to consistent run-scoring is going to be what happens at the top of the order. If Bourn and Matsui get on base, then the weakest point in the lineup becomes Ty Wigginton. It’s been a while since the Astros had six offensively productive spots in their lineup.


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