Games 12 and 13: Two solid wins over the Marlins

First a confession: I watched the Masters and not the Astros Sunday afternoon.

That said, the Astros got their first two really good wins of the season to move to 5-8. First series win of the year. A .500 homestand. They no longer have the NL’s worst record.

Saturday recap: Basically, the game was won by the 2nd inning after Lance Berkman’s home run that made the score 5-0. That put the win probability at 91 percent, and it never fell below 88. It was Brandon Backe’s third start, and it wasn’t great: 5 innings, 5 walks, 2 strikeouts, 0 home runs. And 105 pitches to get that. That’s not quite going to get it but he threw 105 pitches and didn’t get hurt.

Sunday recap: Is Wandy Rodriguez the Astros’ ace? Right now, yes. He was mediocre in San Diego but great the last two starts at home. 7 IP – 1 BB – 7 K – 1 HR today. That’s 2 walks and 19 strikeouts on the year. Also, Michael Bourn was 2-for-5, so maybe he’ll get going again.

Darin Erstad watch: 13 AB in 13 games, on pace for 162, or 62 more than necessary. He started in RF Sunday.

Oh, and there’s a new addition to the bench: Ross Newhan. He’s 33. So the Astros have Blum, Loretta, Erstad, Jose Cruz the Younger, and Tomas Perez. All in their 30s.


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