Game 10: 3 wins, 7 losses

It’s as good a day as any to stop and take stock of things Astro. And fairly hard not to be discouraged. Not just because of the 3-7 record.

Try these:

— The staff ace, Roy Oswalt, has 6 strikeouts in 2 starts and isn’t relying on his fastball.

— The team has scored 37 runs in 10 games. I read that the Astros were going to win a lot of 9-7 games this year, and they have in fact played a 9-7 game. One. They lost. (They won a 9-6 game that may end up being their most exciting win of the year.)

— The closer, Jose Valverde, got a win the hard way, by blowing a 3-run lead in less than an inning. He got another win by giving up the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 8th and then taking advantage of a 4-run 9th. There are only 3 wins available right now, and two of them went to the closer, who doesn’t want them and doesn’t deserve them.

— Team stats: BA .221/OBA .275/SLG .402.

— The starters don’t have a win yet.

— Erstad Watch: 11 AB in 10 games, so he’s on a pace for almost 180 ABs, also known as 80 too many. He has 3 hits but a caught stealing, so that’s more like 2 hits. (Have you looked at the ages on this bench? Erstad’s 34, Jose Cruz is 34, Tomas Perez is 34, Blum’s 35, and Ausmus is 39.)

— Team defensive efficiency: .666, 13th in the league. Only 2 errors, but the Astros lead the league in (hits minus home runs) allowed. This is not a mobile defensive unit — might get better with Matsui at second.

So far the cons are outnumbering the pros. We’ll see what happens against Florida.


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