Games 6 and 7: Things go downhill

Two losses at Wrigley Field have turned a not-so-terrible 2-3 record into a really pretty bad 2-5.

One of my philosophies in watching the game is not to get too worked up about one-run losses, such as Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Cubs. They don’t show character or any of that nonsense — they’re just luck, mostly.

But the offense does concern me — 25 runs in 7 games. That’s not even 600 runs in a season. You could function with that in 1986, when the Astros scored 654 runs and won 96 games. Hard to imagine these days.

Another thing that caught my ear: Darin Erstad started at first base, and Jim Deshaies and Bill Brown were saying ridiculous things about him. Brown mentioned the big year that Erstad had in 2000 like it was last year, and then JD chipped in by saying Erstad had had injuries the past couple of years and wasn’t that far removed from some big years with the Angels.

Darin Erstad hasn’t had a good year since 2000. He apparently has some mystical ability to impress people, but he is not a good baseball player. I don’t know how many at-bats he’ll have for the Astros this year, but if it’s more than 150, someone has made a terrible error.


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