Game 2: Padres 2, Astros 1

I’m watching this on DVR, which is really the only way to watch a baseball game.

Brandon Backe looked pretty decent in his 5 innings.

Top 7: Was that Carlos Lee jogging out a ground ball?

Bottom 7: Michael Bourn makes an over-the-head catch on the warning track. I’m liking him better and better. So far he has 3 steals, an outfield assist, the team’s only RBI.

Bottom 8: This is a nice defensive play by Lance Berkman. With runners on first and second, there’s a grounder to shortstop. The throw is too late to get the runner, but Berkman sees Scott Hairston drift off third. He runs toward the base and then throws out Hairston trying to get back to the bag. For this he gets an assist, same as if he scooped up an easy grounder and tossed to the pitcher covering. Defensive stats should give some kind of extra credit to defenders who pick off runners or get them trying to take unforced bases.

Astros lose, 2-1.


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