First night: Padres 4, Astros 0

Normally, if your starter has allowed no walks or homers and gotten 5 strikeouts in the fourth inning, you’re thinking that things are going well. Instead the Astros have allowed 8 hits. I hope this isn’t another crummy defensive team, but I’m worried it will be.

Double play gets Roy Oswalt out of the 4th inning. Things could be worse.

I notice that the Padres are batting Brian Giles leadoff.

5th inning: Michael Bourn — 2 steals already. The Astros are on pace to steal 300-plus bases this year. OK, maybe not. The guy’s really fast, though.

Bottom 5: Leadoff double. The Astros have allowed 9 hits and gotten 7 fielding outs. Not exactly the ratio you’re looking for.

I suppose it’s just because of all the hits, but the Padres look really crisp. Astros now at 11 hits allowed vs. 10 fielding outs. Padres have allowed 3 hits and gotten 11 fielding outs.

Bottom 6: Oswalt gets another strikeout but then walks the pitcher. First game of the season, that’s probably enough reason to pull him. Plus he’d thrown 113 pitches.

OK, there’s one big defensive play: Long run by Michael Bourn to catch the third out with the bases loaded. Fielding outs / (fielding outs + hits – homers) is now at 0.500.

Bottom 7: I missed the top of the 7th, getting a drink from the fridge. Even poor Cecil Cooper looks disgusted as the Padres push their lead to 4-0.

top 8: Blecch. Looks like the offense just isn’t happening tonight.

And it’s over. Stupid baserunning mistake by Tejada trying to stretch a single into a double in the ninth for the first out. I never have understood why a player should get a hit for that. The result is the same as bouncing out to second base, or striking out, as far as that goes.

Outmakers: Pence 4, Lee 4, Wigginton 4, Tejada 3, Ausmus 2, Oswalt 2, Bourn 2, Loretta 2, Berkman 2, Erstad, Blum.


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