I was beginning to think this would never happen.

Should we talk about Brett Myers? He is becoming a remarkably efficient closer. Seven pitches Saturday and a 1-2-3 inning today.


Eight in a row

Losses, that is. The game last night was fun in an ugly sort of way. Fall behind 8-2, take the lead for about one minute, then fail to score again.

I had a nice view of the railroad tracks where the Reds sent three of Wandy Rodriguez’s pitches. You have to hit it high and far to put it up there, and that’s what happened.

I see Brett Wallace has been called up to replace Carlos Lee.

Four games out

Raise your hand if you thought the Astros would be within four games of the division lead in late May.

Nine straight for Norris

Yes, it’s too early to talk about this.

Baseball players are funny about numbers

Little story here about how Justin Maxwell is now wearing 44 instead of 22.

I can almost never tell you what numbers players wear. I know Biggio was 7 and Bagwell was 5. I remember Charley Kerfeld wore 37. But numbers don’t really matter in baseball.

Also, everyone wears a number in baseball. Coaches wear numbers. Makes no sense at all.

Four games, seven runs

Should I be worried about this?

Runs scored is a big stat but I like to look at games with 5 runs. The Astros have 14 games like that.

Astros and Martins getting snippy

OK, personally I like it when they start getting angry out there. But the Astros don’t play the Marlins again this year. I hope next year’s schedule has 18 games against division teams. That would get some rivalries going.